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Mr Kaleem Qureshi

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About Me

Mr Kaleem G Qureshi known as Mr Qureshi  in the market, carrying vast amount of experience for over fifteen years in property business. If you are looking for an advice in regards to lettings, property conversions, lettings valuation and more, Mr Qureshi is your perfect choice to seek.

Mr Qureshi started his portfolio in lettings from early years of 2000 and has progressed his understanding, knowledge and experience in the lettings market. Mr Qureshi has a proven track record of his excellent service to landlords and tenants. He is always putting extra hours into his work and always willing to go more than just the extra mile to maintain customer satisfaction for both landlords and tenants. Finally, disputes and issues arising in the lettings market is very common between landlords and tenants and this is where the experience and tactics of Mr Qureshi becomes vital and perfect for peaceful resolution.

If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call Mr Qureshi. Alternatively, you are always welcome to visit him at the office during office hours.

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