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Our Tenants

As well as our landlords, we also like to look after tenants in order to build and maintain good relationships between tenants, agents and landlords. We require tenants to be honest and respectful in order to rent a property through us. We carry out all the necessary checks on a tenant in order to make sure that there will be no issues in terms of rent payment, personal behaviour or any other problems. When we rent a property to a tenant, we can guarantee that the property has a safe environment. All agreed facilities are provided on time and we carry out any maintenance issues as soon as possible. Also, the deposit is returned on time.

References: We check tenant’s references from previous landlords or agents to make sure they had paid rent on time and to analyse their personal behaviour in the past. We also like to request tenant’s employers to give honest reference in order for us to decide whether the property falls into tenant’s budget. This is to minimise any issues arising in the future in our properties. Therefore, all tenants are instructed to fill out our standard reference forms.

Property Reservation: When we find a suitable tenant for the property, we ask the tenants to fill out our property reservation form. The tenants pay us some money to reserve the property which is part of total sum when they move into the property at later stage. This makes sure the property is not available in the market anymore and it brings relief to the interested tenant. Once the property is reserved, we ask the tenants to provide latest payslips, bank statements and identification. The tenants have limited time to provide these documents in order to start the rent as soon as possible.

Deposit: We make sure the agent or the landlord protects the deposit legally with ‘DPS’ or ‘My Deposit’. This is the safest way of protecting tenants deposit and makes sure all the monies are returned to the tenant legally and as soon as possible. The return deposit completely relies on ‘moving in’ and ‘moving out’ inventory. The tenants must return the property in the same condition how it was at the time of moving in.